Hot & sour soup 酸辣湯|ต้มยำกุ้ง|Thai's Tom Yum Goong Soup|正宗泰國酸辣冬蔭功湯|不一樣的做法,超级开胃|super appetizing(12)

Hot & sour soup 酸辣湯|ต้มยำกุ้ง|Thai’s Tom Yum Goong Soup|正宗泰國酸辣冬蔭功湯|不一樣的做法,超级开胃|super appetizing| Mei’s Kitchen美之味(12)

開火燒熱鍋, 倒入2大匙的沙拉油.倒入紅蔥頭炒香,再放入香茅,南姜,辣椒粒,檸檬葉炒香. 然後倒入冬蔭功醬料繼續翻炒。倒入水,大火燒開後中火煮10分鐘;10分鐘後放入蘑菇,番茄再煮5分鐘。5分鐘後放入蝦,秋葵煮2分鐘。最後加入魚露,糖,椰奶調味。大火再次燒開後關火,起鍋前淋入檸檬汁。這樣泰國特色的酸辣口味的冬蔭功湯就做好了。
Tom Yum Soup ingredients and sauces used. (see below ingredients). First, let’s prepare with all the ingredients. Lemongrass cut off the head and tail, peel off the outer layer, wash and cut diagonally.
Wash tomatoes and cut into pieces; Red onion, peeled and diced; Wash the mushrooms and cut into small pieces. Wash the chili, remove the head and diced. Rub the okra with salt to remove the fluff on the surface. Then cut off the head and tail and cut into pieces. Cut the ginger into slices.
Tear lemon leaves into small pieces for later use. Wash the shrimp, pick out the intestines. Lemon squeeze the juice.
Bring to a hot pan on a fire, pour 2 tablespoons of salad oil. Pour the shallots and sauté until fragrant. Add lemongrass, galangal, chili, lemon leaves sautéed. Then pour in tom yum paste and continue to stir fry. Pour in water and bring to a boil, then cook on medium heat for 10 minutes.
Add mushrooms and tomatoes after 10 minutes. Then cook for another 5 minutes. Add shrimp in 5 minutes and Okra cook for 2 minutes. Finally add fish sauce, sugar and coconut milk to taste.
After the high heat is boiled again, turn off the heat and pour in the lemon juice. So the Thai characteristic hot and sour Tom Yum Goong soup is ready!
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2支 香茅

250g 番茄

300g 蝦
80g 紅葱頭
20g 南姜
10g 辣椒

4片 檸檬葉

100g 蘑菇
50g 秋葵

1300cc 水

80g 冬陰功醬
20g 魚露
10g 糖
50g 椰奶

2大匙 檸檬汁

2 pieces lemongrass
250g tomatoes
300g shrimps

80g red shallots
20g galangal
10g chili
4 slices lemon leaves
100g mushrooms
50g okra


1300cc water
80g Tom Yum paste

20g fish sauce
10g sugar

50g coconut milk
2TBSP lemon juice
時間標記Time Remark:
00:00 開場白|Opening
00:24 所用到的食材和醬料|The Ingredients and sauces
00:47 食材的處理和準備工作| Prepare the food ingredients
04:33 煮冬廕功湯|Cook the soup
06:21 享用冬陰功湯| Enjoy soup
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