Shinjuku Cafe – Cold Drinks…[Silent Hill 2 Bowling Alley] Funk/Silent Hill Inspired Music サイレントヒル2

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silent hill 2
bowling alley with drinks…

james needed that fruity cold drink…
time for drinks yes…?? ???????????
that bowling alley from silent hill 2 is amazing place
and it has that atmospheric vibe…

jazz/funk/silent hill inspired music
atmo funk series…
james visiting in the bowling alley area

Pete’s Bowl-O-Rama is first accessed after finding Maria in Rosewater Park, as she and James Sunderland are chasing after Laura.
Eddie and Laura at Pete’s Bowl-O-Rama
After leaving Maria outside, James enters the bowling alley where he once again meets with Eddie Dombrowski and Laura before she runs away once more. Eddie remains in the bowling alley eating a pizza he inexplicably procured and gives James what little information he knows about Laura.

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