ฝึกภาษาอังกฤษ EP.1 Concussion 2015 | (ซับอังกฤษแปลไทย พร้อมคำศัพท์)

A human being will get concussed at 60 G’s. 02:28
A common head-to-head contact on a football field? 02:33
One hundred G’s. 02:36
God did not intend for us to play football. 02:41
Let’s keep God out of this. 02:45
Okay. Look. 02:49
What are the S’s? 02:49
The Steelers. 03:00
And the O’s? 03:03
The others, obviously. 03:04
Yes, the other team. 03:05
Do you even watch football? 03:07
No, not at all. 03:09
But I’ve been studying Mike Webster’s position. 03:10
The man in the middle is quite deceptively 03:13
the most violent position on the field. 03:15
The slaps, the punches, the forearm. 03:18
It is an unremitting storm of sub-concussive blows. 03:19
The head as a weapon on every single play of every single game 03:23
of every single practice, from the time he was a little boy to a college man, 03:28
culminating in an 18-year professional career. 03:32
By my calculations, Mike Webster sustained 03:36
more than 70,000 blows to his head. 03:40
Now, now, these men, these men, these are the fastest. 03:45
Now, their speed multiplied by the speed of the men who hit them, 03:51
the G-forces generated equivalent to hitting them on the helmet with a sledgehammer. 03:55
All of this triggered a cascading series of neurological events 04:00
which unleashed killer proteins upon Mike Webster’s brain, 04:08
the tangles invading and strangling his mind from the inside out. 04:12
Like pouring wet concrete down kitchen pipes as it hardens, 04:18
it chokes the brain, leaving him unrecognizable, even to himself. 04:25
I don’t know football. I’ve never played. 04:33
But I am telling you that playing football killed Mike Webster. 04:37

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