เรียนจากหนัง2020 EP.3 Concussion | (ซับอังกฤษ แปลไทย)

2:48 I was them.
2:50 And I think you’re doing this wrong.
2:52 As long as the NFL continues to deny the truth, nothing changes.
2:56 It’s only true if they say it’s true.
2:58 And they’ve got to say it out loud.
3:00 Get me a meeting with the Commissioner.
3:04 I want to sit with him, man to man,face to face.
3:06 I will make him say it out loud.
3:08 They don’t want to talk to you.
3:10 Football does not want to talk to you.
3:14 Like my daddy, a Louisiana judge,
always used to say to me,
3:18 “Son, God is number one and football is number two.”
3:24 Besides, to them you’re not even American.
3:26 You’re not even African-American.
A doctor?
3:43 The League has kept everyone in the dark.
3:46 And you turned on the lights and gave their biggest boogeyman a name.
3:50 What’s happening now, what you think
3:52 they’re doing to you, that’s nothing.
3:57 I’ve done my own research
3:59 on this NFL Brain Injury Committee.
4:02 You know what Dr. Elliot Pellman is?
4:05 He’s a rheumatologist.
4:06 He’s a specialist in arthritis and joint pain.
4:09 Can you tell me what a rheumatologist knows
about the brain and brain disease?
4:16 Corporate men like this, in this country, usually go to Harvard or Yale.
4:22 He went to medical school in Guadalajara.
– Mexico?
– Yes.
I did not know that.
That’s beautiful.
4:38 Now, two cases does not meet the scientific burden of proof.
4:43 You have to keep going.
4:46 Just so you understand, this does not show up on a CT scan.
4:50 Which means there’s no diagnosis before death.
In order for me to keep going,
more have to die.
Unfortunately, that’s already happening.

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